Every situation takes us in a different direction.

One being a reaction of the next, and then the next affects the rest.

When Trump was elected President of the United States, I bought a one-way ticket that day.

So I went to Cusco, Peru to study and got a degree to teach English, a TEFL Certification. 

I figured I would rather enable opportunities to connect one another instead of divide us apart.

In a small town in Chile in a wet, volcanic, natural wonderland, Puerto Varas, I got a job as a teacher.

Far away in the Southern Hemisphere, still America no doubt, I realized that fleeing the states didn't solve the problem.

I mulled over the news, I poured over reading Facebook comments, I soiled myself in the oblivion of hope loss.

It seemed that trying to escape wasn't the answer to the problem, and I felt guilty for having abandoned a social responsibility to create unity in this dividing time. In my quest across distant borders, still connected and entirely unattached, these photographs acknowledged something I refused to acknowledge yet couldn't omit.