● ● 
.Just as a white summer cloud 
in harmony with heaven and earth
freely floats in the blue sky from horizon to horizon
in the same way the pilgrim abandons himself
to the breath of greater life
that leads him beyond the farthest horizons
to an aim which is already present within him
though yet hidden from his sight. 
~Lama Govinda,
The Way of the White Clouds
● ● ●

Amazing things can happen if you believe in them.

One day in June of 2015, I discovered a job posting for an assignment with National Geographic in Sri Lanka.

Upon discovering it, I dedicated all my

mental energy into manifesting this dream.


Everything was focused on the hope, self-belief

and determination that this could be.


Believing resolutely in myself,

I thought about it as if it were mine.


Weeks later, it was,


and I joined photographer Steve Winter

to photograph the Sri Lankan leopard.