What I've done

A visionary explorer on a mission of greater existence.

Photographer, teacher, explorer, guide, and earth guardian exploring the nature of our soul. The camera is my tool to uncover, discover and nurture my connection with the universe. I've traveled to over 30 different countries on my quest to understand humanity and promote the optimistic potential of people in peace on our planet.


Before the pandemic, I worked in Argentina as a travel photographer and writer for international volunteer travel company, Projects Abroad. Since then I have been freelancing and working on a variety of photography projects. Ongoing assignments include architecture and interiors for luxury vacation rentals for the Plum Guide, portrait photographer for matchmaking company, Vida Select, and creating asset images for businesses Yerba Cha and Kessler Sign Company

Previous assignments include National Geographic, Patagonia, The Nature Conservancy, Marine Megafauna Foundation, South Africa National Parks, and Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance. I've worked alongside scientists, researchers, non-profit organizations, local communities, farmers, fishermen, and families that have trusted me with sharing their story and for their faith I am eternally grateful. Environmental stewardship is core to my beliefs ever since working as an AmeriCorps volunteer building trails and rehabilitating California forests after I graduated from college in 2012.

Working in production and advertising, I've assisted fashion photo shoots at Milk Studios New York, created award-winning advertisements while at ViTRO Agency in San Diego for Petco, and helped develop social media strategy and produce creative assets for client's businesses. With a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, I decided I needed to pursue something more passionate and meaningful which led me to photography. The journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it.

My passion for art knows no bounds. I've guided guests at the Whitney Museum in New York City, performed at The Metropolitan Opera for three seasons, and studied abroad in Barcelona. 

My work only has meaning when it reaches other people, and I shine when I have the opportunity to share my passion with others. Leading tours in the Caribbean, I taught cruise ship guests how to improve their photography skills and led them through the streets of San Juan, Cozumel, St. Maarten, Labadee, Haiti and Falmouth, Jamaica. I've also led 15-person tours through North America, educating international clients on U.S. cities and national parks, sharing our customs and culture while camping beneath the stars. I've also taught English in classrooms in Indonesia, Peru, Chile, and New York City. I'm fluent in Spanish and learning Portuguese, French and Italian.

There is much more to the story and I hope one day you'll hear it. Here, far, everywhere around, I find the flow and excitement of life humming around us and my greatest goal is to share that with you, in hopes that you might feel it too and realize the awakened power of life that thrives in me and thrives in you. Perpetually, infinitely, exploring the life-force within us, seeking no destination but here and now.

What I hope to do

Create substantial impact upon this planet, build an eco-resort and organic farm, publish photographs of anthropological value, document religious ceremonies internationally, launch a sustainable travel company, execute an interactive art installation, learn alongside indigenous communities, write a book about my coming of age, launch a human rights campaign, help produce a music festival, climb every mountain, enjoy each day, and share joy with others.


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