What I've done

A visionary explorer on a mission of greater existence.

Photographer, teacher, explorer, tour guide, and earth guardian exploring the nature of our soul. The camera is my tool to uncover, discover and nurture my connection with others and our planet.


Art, nature, exploration and understanding are keys to my happiness and I am very lucky to have assisted organizations express their mission around the world, including National Geographic, Patagonia, The Nature Conservancy, Marine Megafauna Foundation, South Africa National Parks, Projects Abroad and Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance. I've worked alongside scientists, doctors, farmers, fishermen, and families in Mozambique, Indonesia, Argentina, Peru and Sri Lanka that have trusted me with capturing their story.

My degree in marketing has enabled me to assist fashion photo shoots at Milk Studios New York, create award-winning advertisements while at ViTRO Agency, and develop social media strategy for clients. I've created content for Colorado based energy drink Yerba Cha, photographed over 70 projects for Kessler Sign Company, and produced portfolios for Pro Exterior, 614 Exteriors and Plum Guide.

My passion for creative expression is limitless. I've guided guests at the Whitney Museum in New York City, performed at The Metropolitan Opera for three seasons, and studied abroad in Barcelona.

My work has greatest meaning when it inspires other people, and I shine brightest when I have the opportunity to share my passion with others. Leading tours in the Caribbean, I taught cruise ship guests how to improve their photography skills and led them through the streets of San Juan, Cozumel, St. Maarten, Haiti and Jamaica. I've also led 15-person tours through North America with Intrepid Travel, educating international clients on U.S. cities and national parks. I've also taught English in classrooms in Indonesia, Peru, Chile, and New York City.

There is much more to the story and I hope one day you'll hear it. Near, and far, I find the thrill of life humming inside us. My greatest ambition is to awaken you to the power that exists inside you and inspire you by bringing awareness to the magic, hidden in plain sight, all around.

What I hope to do

Create substantial impact upon this planet, launch an eco-resort and organic farm, publish photographs of anthropological value, document religious ceremonies internationally, launch a sustainable travel company, execute an interactive art installation, learn alongside indigenous communities, write a book about my coming of age, launch a human rights campaign, help produce a music festival, climb every mountain, enjoy each day, and share joy with others.

Contact Me

For projects or prints, please contact ocrazyshaman@gmail.com

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